what- many ideas - three areas

We will work individually on single projects. The projects are defined by the people involved. Mainly our project can be categorized in three areas:

connecting people

"Every big thing starts with connecting the right people"

connecting data

"We create knowledge collecting, connecting and using data. From and by people or machines"

connecting value chains

 "It is value if someone values it."

1st project

algadin marketplace

 develope a concept for building a marketplace for algae and seaweed products 

how will this marketplace be different from others?

Objective of the project

Create a marketplace where algae producer meet algae users

Focus is the B2B market

Among others the marketplace fulfills the requirements from different parties through its database:

  • Create product listings, find and compare product listings
  • Find volume and price information
  • Provide certifications and documents
  • Receive RFQ's, negote and get custom offers
  • Secure payment
  • Order tracking
  • Online PaaS access anywhere, 24/7

Legal requirements and value chain transparency are met

Demand is met through accumulation of supply and value chain optimization (e.g., when large buyer must purchase from many small suppliers)

Provider of the data keeps full data sovereignty using DLT (blockchain)

Business model - user of the platform pays a service fee (different service levels) + transaction fee - but also receives credits based on the data it provides

Production data can be delivered in order to facilitate sales (quality proof, transparency)

Data is used to facilitate company management or to comply with legal regulations (e.g., get/renew licences, certificates)

Data and platform can also be used to connect value chains - e.g., from breeding company to farmer to processor

Along the project we develop sub-projects to evaluate topics more in details

In parallel we would like to organise this project as a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) based on IOTA (since this is very new, we would need support from people form the IOTA/DAO community)

Please contact me (details below)  and let's start 




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